Hello! I love working on creative projects and games are by far my favorite form of media. Fortunately for me, those two go hand in hand. I enjoy a challenge from time to time when it comes to coding, and I love working in teams.


Thanks to my education, I've built a set of skills that are useful during the production of games.


  • Gameplay programming
  • Graphics programming
  • Shaders in HLSL

Programming Languages:

  • Strong C++ understanding (Standard Library)
  • C# Scripting knowledge
  • HLSL


  • Creating 3D assets, ready to be used in-game.
  • Rigging

Software used:

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If you'd like to get into contact with me, use any of the means listed below! I'll reply as soon as possible.

  emmacalewaert@gmail.com     | |     0032 476 365 045     | |     Skype: emma.calewaert

Emma Calewaert