Me and a team of my friends took part in the Game Jam organised at our school. We had an absolute blast working on this!

The theme of the year was VR using the Google Cardboard. Since there weren't a lot of options for input, we quickly decided on a railway shooter.

I was in charge of the pathfinding and picking the next path in case the player shot a target to switch rail along with some other minor gameplay mechanics. I also helped out with the UI functionality in the start and end screens. With the spare time, I helped the artists with some of the  animal models, some rigging and animations.

It was made in Unity and we used 3DsMax for the models.

The wonderful people on my team:

Programmers: Thibault Verschueren, Pieter D'hont
Artists: Anouk Debruyne, Johan Goossens, Nigel Fierens

Emma calewaert