This is a group project I was a part of. We worked with MyMachine, a corporation in Belgium which lets college students work with younger children.

We worked together with a first-grade elementary school group, for which we dressed up as nightmare hunters. They made drawings of what they thought the monsters we fought looked like, drew traps that we could use and weaponry to fight the monsters. We then took these drawings, and reworked them into our game.

You play as a child that wakes up in a bad dream. Your goal is to return to your room and go back to sleep. In order to move forward, you have to defeat all the enemies in the room.

I worked on the AI of the enemies, some of the special attacks and UI elements.

Seeing as this game was directed towards younger Belgian children, all of the text in-game is in Dutch.

The wonderful people on my team:

Programmers: Thibault Verschueren, Simon Coenen
Artists: Anouk Debruyne, Louis Vissers

Emma calewaert